What We Do

Language solutions for today

"Language Solutions" are the services that allow communication to transcend language barriers. We begin with translators and interpreters and finish with the technology to bring it all together.

Our solutions are just that: answers to problems. We meet your needs so you don't have to worry. Through Clarus, you communicate with your global audience with equal respect.

We are a nationwide leader in live event language services, which includes simultaneous interpreters, interpreting equipment, and push-to-talk discussion systems. Our translation division has decades of experience and millions of words under its belt. Today, these services include a full range of studio services like voiceover and subtitles.

Why Choose Us

More than capable, we make it easy.

Our approach is based on core principles of dedication, innovation and being prepared. Our clients' satisfaction matters the most, and we know that can only be guaranteed if we are prepared for any situation.

Preparation begins with choosing the right people and adopting the best technologies. It continues through understanding our clients' needs and concerns, and having the foresight to anticipate surprises on the job.

Our History

Clarus Language Solutions, formerly America Conference Services, began in 1997 as the conference interpreting division of America Translating Services. Today, it also includes the written translation division of America Translating Services, following in a tradition going back to 1984.


In 2005, we became the first company in North America to acquire the 32-language Bosch DCN Next Generation interpreting system. Now as the largest dedicated interpretation and discussion rental provider in the US, we continue to pioneer new approaches, embrace new technologies, and set new standards in customer service.



“Their team members, to a person, are reliable, smart, responsive, solutions-oriented, and committed to the best possible outcome.”

Worldwide Events VP

“I and everybody else who worked with me in the Bahamas was very happy and impressed with the great work you and your team provided in Nassau. I know that it often is quite challenging to work with us. ”

Major international sports organization

“We've never worked with a better translation company. Translations come on time, looking sharp. They make it easy.”

Hospitality industry executive