Interpreting Services

Only the best interpreters...

We take special care to find the very best interpreters working today. We always use interpreters who are members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) or of an equally accredited organization. Our conference interpreters have extensive training in the very specialized skill of simultaneous interpretation. We also specialize in consecutive, over-the-phone and tour guide interpreters.

We appreciate that the quality of interpretation is the keystone of a multilingual event, and we don't leave it to chance.

Conference interpreting

Conference interpreting (simultaneous) is the cornerstone of our business. Our solution marries the very best interpreters with the most sophisticated and discrete interpretation equipment. [Learn more]


Remote interpreting

Synergy in action: pulling from our experience with live events, interpreting, and audio technology, we offer a new kind of service. We can provide you with a live, simultaneous interpretation of your event or teleconference remotely from our facilities. This is especially useful for international conference calls, small events or those held on short notice.

Our solutions:

  • World-class AIIC conference interpreters
  • Simultaneous & consecutive
  • All languages & dialects
  • Remote interpreting
  • Simultaneous dubbing
  • Nationwide & global network
  • Over-the-phone