Discussion systems

Advanced, and elegant, discussion microphone systems

Our Bosch digital wired and wireless discussion systems feature push-to-talk microphones with dual language channel selectors, chairman units and voting capabilities. This is the most elegant, secure and discrete solution on the market for roundtable and classroom-style discussions. This can eliminate the need for PA systems and external transmission of language interpretation. The system can be actively managed and remote controlled via PC and pairs well with our automatic camera system for streaming meetings or remote interpretation.

Our conference microphones have channel selectors which allow attendees to listen in to an interpretation channel without a receiver. Dual channel selectors allow people to share a microphone, even if they don't share a common language.

In short, we provide the same conferencing solution used by world leaders at every major summit today. This can be as simple as a replacement for panel microphones or as extensive a meeting with hundreds of participants.

Automatic camera positioning

Our custom-built cameras are programed to each microphone position in the conference room. When a microphone is active, the camera automatically pans, tilts and zooms to the speaker. This allows everyone to see the speaker. This is useful in large conference rooms and an external video feed can be sent to interpreters in another location – for an unobtrusive solution. Multiple cameras can work together, when necessary.


Our solutions:

  • Bosch DCN discussion systems
  • Wired and Wireless
  • Elegant push-to-talk mics
  • Language channel selectors
  • Integrates with interpreting system
  • Voting & chairman features
  • Expert installation & monitoring
  • Automatic camera positioning
  • Software control
  • Fixed installations

184 person discussion system with 3 cameras and 6 remote booths.
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