Event Services

We specialize in live events featuring simultaneous conference interpreting, translation equipment rental and/or push to talk discussion and voting systems.

As opposed to translation, which is the term applied to the written form of translation between languages, simultaneous interpretation is the term used for the specific skill of verbally translating from one language to another in real time. This is achieved by pairing highly skilled conference interpreters with the specialized equipment necessary for them to able to perform accurately and to their best abilities.

Limiting purely to events over 2000 attendees and in the past 3 years alone, Clarus has globally provided rental of simultaneous interpretation equipment, personnel and services at over 60 events, averaging 14.5k attendees each for a total of over 600,000 people in up to 27 languages at a time.

Aside from shipping equipment around the world every week, we maintain a rental stock in the UK, allowing us to provide direct local service and support to our clients in Europe.

We were the first company in North America to adopt the Bosch Next Generation simultaneous interpretation system, which remains the most sophisticated, reliable and secure system of its kind. We still have the largest rental inventory of interpretation and translation equipment in the US, with multiple systems capable of handling up to 32 dual interpreter languages at once, with all interpreters in industry standard fully encapsulated booths.

We can handle distribution all the way up to stadium audiences from our existing rental stock, using either FM or secure infrared transmission, even outdoors in broad daylight.

All of our systems support full relay, which means the language on the floor can change without notice and the attendees never have to switch channels. Our interpretation systems integrate directly with our wired and wireless discussion systems providing seamless multinational discussion with automatically switched cameras.

Our wireless/wired digital discussion systems feature push-to-talk microphones with language channel selectors, chairman units and voting capabilities. This is the most elegant and secure solution on the market for roundtable and classroom-style discussions, especially where multiple langauges and integration with other systems are a necessity. Inbuilt channel selectors remove the need for the increased cost and hassle of separate language receivers for participants.

We maintain a stock of audio-visual equipment so we can supply integrated and cost effective PA systems, screens and projectors, presentation equipment/radio mics etc. along with experienced technicians so you can rely on us as your single turnkey supplier for meetings and conferences where in house AV charges can be a significantly cost factor.

As the largest supplier in the US, you can be confident that all equipment comes from our own stock and will be up to date and in top condition. It will be delivered on price and on time, exactly as promised. Clarus is the company that other agencies frequently turn to when the demands of an event exceed their experience and capabilities.

More about our solutions...

Discussion systems

Our Bosch Next Generation discussion systems offer the most secure, elegant and discrete solution on the market for roundtable and classroom-style discussions, push to talk, remote controlled and with optional automatic cameras. [Read more]

Conference interpreters

We take special care to find the very best interpreters working today. These are interpreters who have extensive training and internationally recognized qualifications in the very specialized skill of simultaneous interpretation. [Read more]

Rental & sales

If you need to supplement an existing system, we have a large inventory of systems, microphones, booths, transmitters and receivers – all ready to ship on a moment's notice. We can also provide expert technicians to supplement your existing staff. If you're interested in purchasing a system, pleas visit our store. [Online store]

Streaming and fiber optic

We offer recording and live internet streaming as well as remote interpretation streamed from our offices to your location. Our fiber optic hardware is great for large venues where meetings take place in different locations, allowing interpreter booths to remain in one place.

Fully-encapsulated boothsWe use industry standard, fully-encapsulated, soundproof interpreter booths that can accommodate up to three interpreters at once. We have one of the largest inventories of booths throughout the world.

Across the map, around the globe

Using our own transportation, we can deploy a system of any size to anywhere in the U.S. on short notice. In addition to serving the U.S., we also provide our services throughout the world. Unlike many, we are well-versed in importing, exporting, international shipping and adapting our system to the particular needs in each country.