Museum Audio Visual Tour Systems

Complete systems

If you need to provide a staffed or self guided tour of your museum, event, factory or installation, Clarus is uniquely positioned to design, provide and service a complete multilingual solution.

From simple, single language tour groups through to customized audio visual tours in unlimited simultaneous languages, we will design and implement a solution that delivers a unique, seamless and memorable experience to your audience. As dealers for all of the major brands of Infrared and FM language equipment, and with years of experience implementing permanent and temporary systems around the globe, we can confidently and effectively advise you through the process of choosing a system that best suits your requirements and budget.

Custom self guided audio visual tour apps

Leveraging our in house multilingual studio services and in house app development expertise, we can supply you a customized, branded application to be delivered on the platform of your choice.

Instead of buying, managing and supporting a stock of esoteric infrared or wireless devices. Your content can instead be delivered to your audience via a stock of familiar Apple iOS or Android mobile devices. The latest mobile technologies will enhance your audience's experience with responsive user control of video and audio content. Your customers can move at their own pace and listen in their own language, no matter how many unique languages are represented in your audience at one time. Cost and time savings will be realized by not having to manage an inventory of single language tour devices, or worrying about whether everyone has the correct device that supports their language. All your devices will support all of your languages.

As our app developers and studios are all in house, the development team is tightly integrated. This enables Clarus to deliver and service your chosen solution more efficiently and cost effectively than the competition. Further, as Clarus is a company that specializes in international corporate communication, you can be assured that all your entire message is in good hands and all aspects of that will be transferred to your international audience clearly and concisely.

Our solutions:

  • Apple iOS/Android custom apps
  • A variety of delivery devices
  • Infrared/FM systems
  • Guided or self guided
  • Museums, events, factories, facilities.
  • In house app development
  • In house multilingual studio services
  • Unlimited languages
  • Customized, branded solutions

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