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Interpreters anywhere, in any language, for any need.

What kind of interpreter do I need?

There are two main types of interpreters, and understanding which one you need is first thing you want to figure out.

Consecutive interpreters trade off with the speaker(s) every few sentences. The speaker says something in one language then pauses, then the interpreter repeats what was said in another language. This is the most common for of interpreting for conversations and small face-to-face meetings. If two people are talking to each other, or one person is talking to a few people, you most likely need a consecutive interpreter. This page is about our consecutive interpreting services.

Simultaneous interpreters do not trade off with the speaker(s), they need to listen to one language and repeat it in another language at the same time. If one person needs to address a large group or needs to speak without interruption, you need simultaneous interpreters (and probably the equipment to allow everyone hear them). If you need simultaneous interpreters, please click here to learn all about our simultaneous interpreting services.

When do i need an interpreter?

When do I need an interpreter?

Here are some of the most common situations where consecutive interpreters are needed

  • Legal – Depositions, settlement conferences, trials, administrative hearings
  • Medical – On-site exams (QME/IME), psychiatric evaluations, remote interpreting
  • Public sector – Social service agencies, schools, public meetings, emergency services
  • Business – Meetings, phone conferences, factory tours, delegation escorts

What about sign language?

Many people don’t realize that American Sign Language is a language all its own. Sign language interpreters provide a service that is vital for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, and our ASL interpreters are the product of extensive education and a rigorous serious certification process. ASL interpreters can facilitate any sort of communication, no matter the location, venue, speaker, or audience. Contact us with your needs and we’ll find the right solution for your audience.

Need Something Else

What if I need something else?

In whatever situation you find yourself, we’ve helped someone in your shoes before. Here are some of our enhanced solutions:

  • Remote interpreting – interpreters present through audio and video.
  • Telephone interpreting – covering everything on-demand interpreters for telephone calls to fully simultaneous two-way interpreting for uninterrupted phone conferences and webinars.
  • Assistive listening – some situations are either too loud for an interpreter to be heard, or such that an interpreter must be very quiet. Our portable transmitters allow interpreters to be heard through wireless headphones, providing a discrete and effective solution to challenging environments.
  • Conference interpreting – if you’re looking for simultaneous, UN-style interpreting for your meeting or event, we specialize in the interpreting and equipment solutions to make that happen. Please visit our Conference Interpreting page for more information.