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Based in the Los Angeles area, we’re part of a proud tradition of translating multimedia content for markets across the globe. But you don’t have to be a Hollywood production to require the time-tested professionalism our our multilingual studio services.
Audio Production

Audio Production

  • In-house studios: Dubbing and voiceovers recorded in our own in-house studios for maximum control
  • Live & scripted recordings: Different modes of voiceovers to handle projects of any length or deadline
  • Expert talent: Trained voice actors in every language working with expert translators and interpreters
Subtitling and Motion Graphics

Subtitling and Motion Graphics

  • Expertise: Years of subtitling services for high-demand projects
  • Variety of formats: We work with what you have, and deliver subtitles in exactly the format you need
  • Adaptable: Services range from text-based subtitles to final video projects that adapt to the on-screen content
  • Motion Graphics: Matching the style of your on-screen titles and motion graphics in any language
On-set and Quality Control

On-set and Quality Control

  • We come to you: on-site vocal coaches, interpreters, and consultants for any language
  • Quality control: We review existing translations for accuracy and can independently asses your current providers
  • Equipment solutions: Portable audio transmission equipment for rental, same-day pickup in Los Angeles area
Art Department Support

Art Department Support

  • Experience: Over a decade of working with dozens of film and TV productions looking to maintain authenticity in foreign-language settings
  • Challenging languages: Languages living and dead, digital or handwritten, true to the language and style of the time and place of your setting
  • Typeface selection: We maintain large selections of typefaces for every alphabet, delivering outlined text in multiple styles