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From meeting room to mountainside

The Rights and Resources Initiative is a non-governmental organization working to encourage forest tenure and policy reforms and the transformation of the forest economy so that business reflects local development agendas and supports local livelihoods.

This month in Montana, RRI hosted an international group from nearly 20 African, South American and Asian nations at a week long series of workshops and site visits. The multiple onsite locations ranged from experimental forests and a working sawmill to Indian reservations, and wildlife crossings on busy highways. The language make up of the group called for full time simultaneous interpretation to and from French and Spanish.

The varied situations and tight packed schedule necessitated multiple systems and onsite technical support, which Clarus specified and supplied. The various classroom discussion locations were serviced by a 2 booth setup with relay. Portable systems were also provided, utilizing the same receivers. This enabled a seamless transition from the meeting rooms to the remote wilderness locations without compromising the comprehension and contribution of the non English-speaking participants.

Matthew Field - 1 decade ago

Multiple venues for multiple clients in Paris

130 seat 6 language discussion
In March, Clarus facilitated communication in over 30 languages in different locations all over Paris!

Executive conferencing at the Four Seasons on the Champs-Elysees. 130 participants speaking 6 languages were brought together with our Bosch push-to-talk discussion microphones with language distribution and integrated automatic HD camera system.

While these executives attended to global business, we were handling a 4 room event for another client at the other end of the city. 700 attendees from around the world were understanding international presentations and breakouts by field experts in four languages through the use of multiple Bosch infrared systems at the JW Marriott.

At the same time, a further 50 interpreters came from all corners of the world to simultaneously interpret 24 languages at the Paris Expo for a four day conference and gala awards ceremony.

No matter where your next event is, Clarus delivers!!!

Carol Higgins - 1 decade ago

Searching for 'translation equipment'?

"translation equipment" is one of the most popular terms that people type into their favorite search engine when looking to rent an interpretation system for their conference or event. Let's look at some of the questions that this search term implies, and make clear some of the other terms that are used in reference to conference interpretation.

Translation vs interpretation
Although the terms are used interchangeably by the layman, in the language industries the specific skill of verbally transitioning from one language to another is referred to as interpretation. Translation is only used to describe the act of translating the written word. Interpreters and translators are two distinct sets of people with two specific skill sets.

To help differentiate the terms and understand the distinction it is necessary to look at the difference between written and verbal communication. Writing is generally something that is understood to have involved an element of editing by either the author or a third party. Consequently, written translation is intended to be a 100% accurate representation of the original text. Verbal communication on the other hand often involves an element of inference or implied meaning on the part of the speaker. It is therefore necessary that the meaning be interpreted into the target language rather than literally translated in order for the actual intention to be accurately understood.

Equipment vs personnel
Often the person doing the searching is unclear as to whether technology has advanced to the point that verbal translation is something that can be achieved by a purely technological solution. Whilst great strides have been made in automated translation in the past few years, we are still many years from the point where a highly skilled interpreter can be replaced reliably by a machine. As such conference interpreting is practiced by teams of qualified simultaneous interpreters, usually working in pairs per language. Their ability to work accurately and at speed is facilitated by specific equipment that enables them to deal both with quick changes of direction, or with the floor language of a multiple language event changing.

Simultaneous vs Consecutive
Simultaneous interpretation is the act of converting in near real time from one language to another. This involves utilizing microphones and interpreter consoles to relay the source language to the interpreters who are located in a soundproof booth. The audience then listens to the interpreters via earpieces in their native language. This transmission is normally accomplished via either IR (infrared) or FM radio receivers.

Consecutive interpretation on the other hand is not immediate. An interpreter will stand next to and listen to the speaker and interpret directly on a sentence by sentence basis, while the speaker waits for the interpreter to finish. This form of interpretation naturally involves a doubling of the length of time it takes to convey the information to the audience and is consequently normally only used in informal, intimate settings, for very short amounts of interpretation.

Relay interpretation/multiple floor languages
You may be wondering what exactly happens if a variety of people will be speaking multiple languages? How can be that interpreters can manage to convert from multiple source languages into their native target language? Do they really have to be able to know every possible language pairing they may encounter?

The answer is relay interpretation. A common language, normally English, is used as the floor language. Let's take for example an event with Spanish, French and Russian interpreters and English speakers on stage. Normally all the interpreters would be interpreting directly from English into their native language. In the event that a speaker needs to speak for example Spanish, a Spanish interpreter would reverse and interpret into English. The Russian and French interpreters would automatically be switched over to listening to the English feed coming from the Spanish interpreter which they would then seamlessly continue to interpret into Russian and French. Upon the Spanish speaker finishing and the floor returning to English, the system would revert back to its normal condition. Only a few systems in the rental market are able to provide this functionality up to 32 languages at once, an example being the Bosch DCN Next Generation system. The system enables seamless communication by removing the high chance of error or confusion that might otherwise naturally occur when dealing with multiple language combinations.

Matthew Field - 1 decade ago

Communication on the high seas

Clarus technicians and equipment recently returned from an assignment for Avon aboard a super yacht in the Caribbean.

The client had requested a 6 language system to be used for a high level sales awards and dinner aboard the Sea Dream II yacht in St Thomas, USVI. Due to space considerations, the interpreters would be using their own staterooms as booths, all of which were located on a lower deck than the ballroom where the ceremony was to be held.

To provide the best quality available, whilst removing any of the potential interference issues that could be created by operating any kind of FM system inside an all metal yacht, we specified and supplied a Bosch Integrus IR system. We utilized an optical fiber link to connect the ballroom deck with the stateroom deck resulting in an unobtrusive cable run to pass through the bulkhead doors and up the staircases. Video of the event was relayed to the interpreters using the yacht's onboard video system, the audio being handled as usual by the Bosch Next Generation CCU and consoles.

50 guests were able to enjoy seamless multilingual participation in their prestige event thanks to the faultless operation of the interpretation. A system that performed flawlessly as expected in an application where nothing could be left to chance, several hundred miles out at sea where replacements are not an option.

Matthew Field - 1 decade ago


We just completed another one of our regular recurring events for Herbalife, this time the high level meetings were held at the amazing Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island in Singapore. A 96 seat discussion system with 3 cameras and 5 languages of remote interpretation from another room enabled 3 full days of communication between attendees from around 20 nations. As usual the Bosch NG system provided audio along with a switched multi camera video stream to both the remote interpretation booths and the meeting room itself. This setup enables a more intimate experience for participants who are able to view the current speaker on monitors and so do not have to strain to view the far side of the room when the speaker may be located on the other end of the capacious table layout.

Bosch DCN microphone control

Matthew Field - 1 decade ago

2011 Chiefs Of Defense

Just finished the 2011 CHOD conference in Hawaii. 5 rooms of discussion and conference systems with 11 languages of centralized simultaneous interpretation and audio visual support.

The Chiefs of Defense (CHOD) Conference is a meeting of senior military officials from over 20 countries in the pacific region. Central to its mission is promoting multilateral cooperation among these nations. With this aim, the organizers of CHOD conference demand only the best interpreters and equipment.

Matthew Field - 1 decade ago

Remote interpretation

What do you do when you have an English speaking meeting taking place in Connecticut, yet you have a large number of people located in various countries around the world who need to not only be able to follow the meeting live, but also to be able to participate in the discussion in their own language? To further complicate matters, space and budget do not permit simultaneous interpretation to be situated at the meeting location.

That's the situation presented to us by one of clients recently on behalf of a major pharmaceutical company. Fortunately for everyone, this is an area in which Clarus' specializes.

Using our in house studios, rental inventory and expertise we were able to design a custom solution that would fulfill every expected requirement whilst providing some additional unexpected benefits.

The meeting took place on schedule, utilizing the Bosch NG discussion system with automatic cameras. The resulting multi camera feed was then cut onsite with a direct feed of the presentations and fed to a streaming server for delivery via the internet. Customers in various countries were provided with logins for a customized secure website where they could follow the meeting along in real time using their own computers. At the same time they were provided with additional information in their own languages and live multilingual chat help.

The team of simultaneous interpreters, located at our headquarters in Valencia, California, seamlessly interpreted both the six hours of the presentations and the multiple Q&A sessions.

Clarus Language Solutions - Innovative solutions for seamless communication in today's networked, multilingual, business environment.

Matthew Field - 1 decade ago

1700 people in the sun.

Take 1700 attendees who speak multiple languages, fly them to the Caribbean. Add in one former head of state who speaks another language and you have the recipe for a large amount of miscommunication.

Fortunately Clarus excels at providing solutions for events of this scope. Equipment, including Bosch Next Generation systems, and personnel from our Los Angeles office flew in to cover the client's exacting requirements and provide onsite technical support.

The entire multi day event went off smoothly and efficiently. Not even a single equipment failure was reported amongst the 1700 receivers and headsets distributed from our rental stock.

Matthew Field - 1 decade ago


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