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CES 2017

For the sixth year in a row, Clarus provided simultaneous interpretation equipment including fully encapsulated booths and Bosch Next Generation systems to multiple venues of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Our technicians installed and managed two separate 4 language, 300 receiver systems - the main system for the keynote speeches at the Venetian, and a system at the Westgate Theater, along with portable systems for some briefings.

Keynote speeches this year included CTA/Carnival + Huawei, C-Space + Nissan, and Qualcomm + Under Armor.

Matthew Field - 8 years ago

Multiple venues for multiple clients in Paris

130 seat 6 language discussion
In March, Clarus facilitated communication in over 30 languages in different locations all over Paris!

Executive conferencing at the Four Seasons on the Champs-Elysees. 130 participants speaking 6 languages were brought together with our Bosch push-to-talk discussion microphones with language distribution and integrated automatic HD camera system.

While these executives attended to global business, we were handling a 4 room event for another client at the other end of the city. 700 attendees from around the world were understanding international presentations and breakouts by field experts in four languages through the use of multiple Bosch infrared systems at the JW Marriott.

At the same time, a further 50 interpreters came from all corners of the world to simultaneously interpret 24 languages at the Paris Expo for a four day conference and gala awards ceremony.

No matter where your next event is, Clarus delivers!!!

Carol Higgins - 1 decade ago

CES 2013

For the second year in a row, Clarus is providing simultaneous interpretation equipment including fully encapsulated booths and Bosch Next Generation systems to multiple venues of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Our technicians are managing three separate 4 language systems - the main system for the keynote speeches at the Venetian, and two systems in the Theater and a ballroom at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Keynote speeches this year included Qualcomm (Paul Jacobs) and Verizon (Lowell MacAdam), Panasonic (Kazuhiro Tsuga) and Samsung (Stephen Woo) as well as the state of the industry address by CEA's Gary Shapiro. Also an appearance by former US President Bill Clinton (pictured).

Matthew Field - 1 decade ago

Communication on the high seas

Clarus technicians and equipment recently returned from an assignment for Avon aboard a super yacht in the Caribbean.

The client had requested a 6 language system to be used for a high level sales awards and dinner aboard the Sea Dream II yacht in St Thomas, USVI. Due to space considerations, the interpreters would be using their own staterooms as booths, all of which were located on a lower deck than the ballroom where the ceremony was to be held.

To provide the best quality available, whilst removing any of the potential interference issues that could be created by operating any kind of FM system inside an all metal yacht, we specified and supplied a Bosch Integrus IR system. We utilized an optical fiber link to connect the ballroom deck with the stateroom deck resulting in an unobtrusive cable run to pass through the bulkhead doors and up the staircases. Video of the event was relayed to the interpreters using the yacht's onboard video system, the audio being handled as usual by the Bosch Next Generation CCU and consoles.

50 guests were able to enjoy seamless multilingual participation in their prestige event thanks to the faultless operation of the interpretation. A system that performed flawlessly as expected in an application where nothing could be left to chance, several hundred miles out at sea where replacements are not an option.

Matthew Field - 1 decade ago

Remote interpretation

What do you do when you have an English speaking meeting taking place in Connecticut, yet you have a large number of people located in various countries around the world who need to not only be able to follow the meeting live, but also to be able to participate in the discussion in their own language? To further complicate matters, space and budget do not permit simultaneous interpretation to be situated at the meeting location.

That's the situation presented to us by one of clients recently on behalf of a major pharmaceutical company. Fortunately for everyone, this is an area in which Clarus' specializes.

Using our in house studios, rental inventory and expertise we were able to design a custom solution that would fulfill every expected requirement whilst providing some additional unexpected benefits.

The meeting took place on schedule, utilizing the Bosch ng discussion system with automatic cameras. The resulting multi camera feed was then cut onsite with a direct feed of the presentations and fed to a streaming server for delivery via the internet. Customers in various countries were provided with logins for a customized secure website where they could follow the meeting along in real time using their own computers. At the same time they were provided with additional information in their own languages and live multilingual chat help.

The team of simultaneous interpreters, located at our headquarters in Valencia, California, seamlessly interpreted both the six hours of the presentations and the multiple Q&A sessions.

Clarus Language Solutions - Innovative solutions for seamless communication in today's networked, multilingual, business environment.

Matthew Field - 1 decade ago


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